Free admission of non-members to the show is restricted to those having ten or more entries in the classes open to them.

CPH Number:  83/532/8007

Entries for all livestock sections should be received by Thursday 25th July, any late entries must be with the secretary by 9.30am on the morning of the show.  

Red Hose Race entries will be taken from 11am-11.45am at the secretary's tent.

Fleece, Horticultural, Industrial and Shepherds Crooks and Walking Sticks entries will be taken by the convenors in the relevant tents, we ask that all exhibits are in place for judging starting at 10am.

The Pet and Dog Show entries will be taken by the convenor from 11am-12pm.

There will unfortunately be no Poultry and Rabbit show again this year.  

The Light Horse and Pony entries should be submitted by Wednesday 24th July, although entries can be taken on the day but there will be a charge of £12 per class.

Please note that certain classes are open but the cattle and sheep classes are confined to members of the Society, membership is open to applicants who reside or farm land within the Parishes of Carluke, Carnwath, Carstairs, Covington, Dolphinton, Dunsyre, Forth, Lanark, Libberton, Pettinain, Quothquan, Thankerton, Walston and West Calder on payment of full membership.  The members of the Society that have allowed their membership to lapse will be reinstated on payment of their membership.

All exhibits must be bona fide property of the exhibitor and have been in their possession within the bounds of the Society for at least one month preceding the Show.

All entries must be paid before judging begins or prize money will be withheld.

Prize money and trophies can be collected from the secretaries tent from 3.30pm.

Any exhibitor who acts in an unseemly manner towards the judge shall be liable to be expelled from the Society.

The Society will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage which any stock, article or person may sustain from accident or otherwise at or in connection with the Show.

If due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances Carnwath Agricultural Show has to be cancelled Carnwath Agricultural Society will not be liable for any actual or consequential loss that may occur.

Protests must be made in writing to the Secretary not later than seven days after the date of the Show and a fee of £5.00 must be lodged with each protest, if the protest is not sustained, the fee shall be forfeited.  

If there is any protests in the light horse and pony section they must be made in writing to the light horse and pony convenor and a fee of £15.00 must be lodged with each protest, if the protest is not sustained, the fee shall be forfeited.

Competitors are requested to note that the ownership of all cups, shields or other trophies rests with the Society and that holders of such cups, shields or trophies are responsible to the Society for the safe custody and protection.

The Society further reserves the right to alter rules and conditions relating to particular cups, shields and trophies from time to time, as the Society may consider necessary.

The Society will not be held responsible for any fee incurred should the Vet be required to attend any animals on the Showfield.

On-call Vet:  Clyde Vets

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