Champion of Champion Trophy presented by the Society:  I. Nimmo, Bogside
The Cattle Interbreed Trophy presented by J. Finlayson:  I. Nimmo, Bogside
The Alistair Tucker Memorial Cup, Best Animal in Cattle Section:  I. Nimmo, Bogside
Johnstone Perpetual Trophy for Dairy Champion:  A. & E. Lawrie, Grangehall
S. F. McDonald Lockhart Silver Cigarette Box for Best Ayrshire:  J. Adamson, Swaites Farm
James S. Johnstone Cup for Best Friesian Animal:  A. & E. Lawrie, Grangehall
S. A. I. Trophy for Best Pair:  A. & E. Lawrie, Grangehall
Pool Trophy, Best Dairy Calf Born this Year:  F. Baillie, Hillhead of Covington
Swaites Trophy, Best Dairy Calf Shown by a Teenager:  A. Baillie, Hillhead of Covington 
Calla Trophy, Best Beef Calf:  E. Purdon, Stravenhouse
West Yett Cup, Suckling Cows:  W. Purdon, Stravenhouse 
Volac Challenge Cup, Reserve Suckling Cows:  W. Purdon, Stravenhouse
Carnwath Agricultural Society Cup, Best Charolais:  D. Clark, Lee Meadow
J, S Johnstone Trophy, Best Limousin:  I. Nimmo, Bogside
James Finlayson Cup, Best Prime Animal:  A. Lindsay, Kepscaith

John Strang Cup, Best Clydesdale:  G. Gray, Cameron Knowe

Dalgleish Salver, Best Interbreed:  A. Smith, Wester Crosswoodhill
McCaskie Farm Supplies Trophy, Accredited Champion:  A. Campbell, Strawfrank
The Greens Challenge Trophy, Non-Accredited Champion:  A. Smith, Wester Crosswoodhill
T. S. Frame Cup, Border Leicester Champion:  J. & M. Kinloch, Elsrickle Mains
Blue Headed Leicester Cup, Best Blue Faced Leicester:  L. Bell, Highfield
SAI, Best Blackface:  A. Smith, Wester Crosswoodhill
Robert Allison Cup, Best Blackface Ewe Lamb:  A. Smith, Wester Crosswoodhill
W. Henderson & J. Finlayson Cup, Best Suffolk:  S. Bourman, Middlehouse
J. Minto Challenge Cup, Best Texel:  A. Campbell, Strawfrank
Carr Billington Trophy, Best Beltex:  A. Baillie, Carstairs Mains
T. Frame Cup, Best Jacob:  D. & A. Robertson, Murray Terrace
Summerside Perpetual Quaich, Best Coloured Shetland Sheep:  D. & A. Robertson, Murray Terrace
Pentland Perpetual Quaich, Best White Shetland Sheep:  -
J. S. Johnstone Cup, Prime Sheep:  M. Graham, Greenshields
Dunsyre Mains Tankard, Sheep Breeding Purposes:  S. & F. Robertson, The Beeches
Wilson Trophy, Best Coloured Fleece:  D. & A. Robertson, Murray Terrace
George & Mary Gibb Trophy, Best Young Handler:  R. Baillie, Carstairs Mains

Best Children's Rabbit Shield:  A. Gardiner
Best Rabbit Shield:  N. & R. Forgie
Best English Rabbit Shield:  J. Abernethy
Best Dutch Rabbit Cup:  N. & R. Forgie
Best Lop Cup:  T. & C. Forgie

R. A. Lander Trophy, Best in Poultry Section:  K. Dixon
Wm. Aitken Memorial Trophy, Reserve Bantam:  K. & W. Gardiner
W. Lyon Cup, Best Bantam:  K. & W. Gardiner
Tankard, presented by Mrs C. Downing, Best Waterfowl:  K. Dixon
Quaich, Best Dutch Bantam:  S. Hamilton
Quaich, Best Ladies Bantam:  A. Taylor
Robert Kerr Memorial Award, Most Points - True Bantam:  J. Hope
Dowling Trophy, Best Junior Handler:  P. Martin
J. Hope Cup, Best Junior:  P. Martin

Show Trophy, Best in Show:  J. Swanson
Findronach Quaich, Best Pet:  H. Wilson

Sheaf Tossing Trophy:  J. Brewster

Silver Cigarette Box, Exhibitor Gaining Most Points in Industrial Section:  S. Rolfe
Dunsyre Shield, Most Points Gained in Children's Classes:  L. Graham
Whitecleugh Cup, Most Points Gained in Classes 1-14:  S. Rolfe
Wee Bush Trophy, Most Points Gained in Classes 15-26:  J. Donald
Carnwath Agricultural Society Cup, Most Points Gained in Classes 27-40:  A. Henderson
John & Ella Aitken Rosebowl, Rural with Most Points:  Kaimend W. I
Bert & Betty Lander Trophy, Child Class Number 9:  L. Graham

Stephen Mitchell Cup, Best Horticultural Exhibit in Show:  D. Baillie
Special Shield, Best Cut Flowers:  D. Richardson-Webb
Special Cup:  Best Dahlias:  J. Steele
Special Prize, Best Vegetable:  D. Millar

Crooks & Walking Sticks Trophy, Best Crook:  J. Fraser
Drew Coulter Tray, Overall Champion:  S. Docharty

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